Things you should know about Say No DAO #2

What is Say No DAO?

Say No DAO is aimed to become a metaverse IP incubator with ‘Say No’ as its core culture. It will build a key IP named ‘Rebel League’ based on the metaverse.

When building metaverse IP, we’ll combine a couple of persons and events which can embody the ‘Say No’ spirit. Afterward, we’ll transform all these into NFTs with the images of a series of rebellion heroes. Those NFTs will make up the rebel league, something similar to the Avengers Assemble in the movie Marvel Universe.

When the war breaks out and people are going through hardships, we should Say No. Say No DAO will transform it into an NFT of the anti-war hero.

When we see organized poaching of wild animals, we should Say No. Say No DAO will transform it into an NFT of the animal protector.

When old-school forces of traditional finance disdained cryptos as rat poison and STDs, we should Say No. Say No DAO will transform it into an NFT of the crypto god…

These NFTs will be created with the image of rebel heroes who dare to Say No. Although those NFTs have their own stories, they are interconnected. They are all representatives of heroes who dare to resist and surpass. A rebel league will then be established in the metaverse.

This is the Metaverse IP incubation plan of Say No DAO.

How does Say No DAO put this into practice?

We’ve found that some organizations and associations in the Web2 world have been taking action to say no to their dissatisfied things. They organize charities to help people at war, they organize associations to help black people fight against unfair treatment, they organize communities to speak out against those sexists and some people voluntarily join public welfare organizations to protect animals and the environment.

What can we do? We’ll provide help for those people and organizations in the Web3 way. How? The answer here should be NFT!

Do you want to help those who are constantly fighting against injustices? Do you want to do something for organizations that are working hard to protect animals? Do you want to join the team to oppose the domination of centralized institutions? If yes, then you can simply buy some NFTs.

Say No DAO will unite those organizations and institutions to jointly launch NFTs. These NFTs share a common cultural attribute, which is the courage to Say No.

What are the benefits of doing so?

The actions of Say No DAO will help these traditional communities and cultures of Web2 to integrate into Web3 in the form of NFT. And these rebel league NFT series will continue to play a key role as metaverse IP in the future.

As for donors, they not only completed the donation but also received an NFT that is uniquely marked on the blockchain. More importantly, this NFT may create more wealth in the future.

For the Web2 communities, they’ve got more public attention and support. Additionally, NFTs can help integrate their culture, thus bringing them into the metaverse.

Say No DAO is helping giant Web2 communities and groups to integrate into the NFT and metaverse. Honestly speaking, this is a huge and non-negligible potential market for the entire industry.

Why does Say No DAO pays special attention to the Web2 community?

Currently, there are less than 1 million active Web3 users in the whole world, while the total amount of Web2 users is nearly 7 billion.

By discovering high-quality Web2 community and cultural assets, Say No DAO aims to help them integrate into Web3 in the form of NFTs and Cryptos.

We all live in the Web2 world where our culture and social interactions are all recorded. Therefore, there’re numerous high-quality and large-scale communities in the Web2 world. Most NFTs quickly lost public attention after they were created. As for the reasons, it is mainly because of their small fan base and a high proportion of speculators.

The price of NFTs is wholly supported by true love. Speculative forces will only ruin NFTs quickly.

Unlike many NFTs with a small community base, most of the Web2 communities have a huge fan base, and they gather because of real love.

For example, the fan groups of basketball superstar Kobe, non-governmental organizations that were established to protect animals, communities fighting against sexism. They all share a huge fan base and strong community cohesion.

These are high-quality community cultural assets, but they are still presented in the way of Web2. Say No DAO can help them become more powerful in the Web3 way.

Let’s imagine that these community-borne NFTs all have a huge fan base out of love. They will become the firm holders and advocates of these NFTs.

Say No DAO will help these high-quality Web2 communities to integrate into the Web3 and metaverse in the form of NFTs or Cryptos.




A DAO that can say no together.

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Say No DAO

Say No DAO

A DAO that can say no together.

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