An Overview on Application of IoT in Different Industries

How IoT is transforming the lives of Human race

On a hot summer day in the east coast, my smartphone woke me up with my favorite music. As I was getting ready, I was going through the tasks of the day and realized how easy our lives has become in the past two decades. Internet and the tech revolution changed the lifestyle of Humans. Adjective “SMART” isn’t going to be only for Humans anymore. Yep..! In this blog, I’d like to talk about Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s applications in various industries.

Japanese Macaque is one of the Intelligent primates and it picked up a smartphone once, just to check out the latest iOS update on a iPhone. :)

Its a metaphor, we as a primates with advanced IQ started picking up IoT and the usage at the moment is just like the iPhone in the hands of Japanese Macaque.

Android Things Webinar:

Android Things is yet another cool platform by google for the developers to create an ecosystem of devices for a great IoT experience. Recently I’ve had a chance to attend a webinar on Android Things — IoT and Nitya had written an impeccable summary of the webinar Android Things and IoT Recap. Please take a moment to read the blog.In this article, I’d like to give a quick application of IoT devices and its application in our day-to-day lives. How IoT can change the way we live and it’s going to create a better world.

Application of IoT in various Industries:

I’ve recently read about an article on how a Fitbit device alerted about the unusual heart rates of a person, thus saving his/her life. Application of IoT is huge and the following infographic attempts to give an overview. It’s the tip of the ice berg folks and in the next decade the world will witness a massive amount of changes in usage of IoT,

Application of IoT in various Industries.

Building a Business Around IoT:

Google is providing the android platform to the developer community to create awesome products and experiences in the IoT space . You could use Android things and its partner kits to create a simple product to realize the value of IoT.

What’s in the store.?

Technology isn’t just for engineers anymore. A school going kid, who comes out primary school will have the capability to build a bot using IoT devices. Learning and Adapting to the new technology platforms are the key factors to compete with others in this era.

Steps to adapt to the IoT platform

  1. Find the problem and it’s very easy to identify one
  2. Analyze the problems and talk to others
  3. Create a small app using any of the available platform
  4. Use the embedded services to apply your solutions
  5. Take it to the bigger audience
  6. Start from step 1 again.