Boot Strap — Running towards the Goal..!

Web designing and Web Development are always on the front burner of your stove. There is something brewing always, and you’ve got be having the Usain Bolt mindset to keep up with the ever changing standards in the Tech World. Still Bootstrap was able to survive and offer easy and elegant solutions to the developers community out there. It is like a freshly squeezed lemonade you will get in the last quarter mile of your Marathon Run in the New York City.

Developers Vs Designers:

Websites are almost like explaining the story of Rapenzuel to the 3 year old. You’d stumble upon on many questions and there is not a single answer to the question. In the course of Web Development, Dev community often find itself in confrontation with Designers. To name a few,

  1. Mobile first solution
  2. Communication between the Designers and Developers
  3. Designers are good with the sketches and shades
  4. Developers follow the conventional standards.
  5. There is never a perfect solution.

Boot Strap serves as a handy tool to the Dev community in helping them, to make quick and easy designs and components. In this digital age, mobile first is a mantra everyone should follow, since the usage mobile phones are skyrocketing.

Strengths of Boot Strap and why you use it.?

  1. Mobile first — Components
  2. Cross Browser Rendering
  3. Grid System for the Components
  4. Media Queries
  5. Responsive Column set to simulate/adjust the components.