IoT and the Future..!

Now that sounds vague, doesn’t it? Who names a technology ‘Internet of Things’? Weird.

We’re going to break it down for you. ‘Things’ in Internet of things could be a million things, your home cinema projector, Amazon’s echo that orders your pizza and calls an Uber for you, your Volkswagen’s automatic parking system, basically, any ‘thing’ that has an Internet Protocol (IP) address to identify itself and sends or receives data to the Internet, is a ‘thing’ in Internet of Things.

Do we ever run out of addresses to give these ‘things’? No we don’t, with the IPv6 addressing system we could name each and every atom on this planet and then we could do the same for ten more planets of the same size. When will we run out of addresses? Take a guess.

In this modern era, innovation has taken a new shape, more often than not, we develop existing technologies and name them differently. For instance, in the 80s there was a Coke machine in Carnegie Mellon University that was connected to the Internet enabling the staff and the students to check the availability of drinks, but the term IOT came into existence much later in the 90s. And that is why we should call IOT an evolution instead of a revolution.

It is a simple tech that enables machines and devices to send and receive data to the Internet, so the corporate companies and the machines can learn your behavior and develop themselves in order to serve you better. In the not too distant future, everyone is going to descent into this web.

From fictional Tony Stark to the real Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg needed a virtual personal assistant like Jarvis to help them through the day.