It is our fault

This is directed at all of my fellow white liberal friends scurrying to blame one thing or another for this election. I have seen countless posts blaming third party voters from Clinton supporters, I have seen countless “I told you so” posts from my fellow Bernie supporters. We all need to stop it.

I say this because blaming “other white people” or “third party voters” or “milennials” or “non-voters” or “the Electoral College” or “the DNC” or “the FBI” or “the media” or whomever, is a form silence in the face of tragedy. It literally does nothing to protect those who are far more vulnerable today than they were on Nov. 7th. Please recognize this fact…

The obfuscation of our own responsibility for this election is a central aspect of white supremacy.

We white Americans must stop indulging in the lies this country tells us about ourselves. It allows us to remain complacent and complicit in the suffering of those less powerful than we are. It allows us to maintain the perception of our own personal goodness even as atrocities are enacted in our name.

If there is any silver lining to be had from Trump’s victory it will be that our ability to live in the comfort of an illusion of racial progress and liberal white benevolence just got a great deal harder to maintain. Lets use this opportunity to obliterate these fictions completely, take responsibility for who and what we are as a people and get the fuck to work on fighting to change that.

There are plenty of people doing the work. Find them and get behind them right now.

Retreating to the classic myths we “good white people” tell about ourselves may provide temporary relief of the guilt in our stomachs, but only until next time.