Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

Only last year that I found out that there is an Art Fair Philippines and since then I already wanted to go and explore the art fair but I wasn’t able to because I don’t have someone to go with me that time. That’s why I’m very happy and excited when Sir Hanz said that our next activity was this.

SOOOOOO, here are the pictures that I took from the Art Fair:

Martha Atienza’s Special Exhibit

One of my favorite special exhibits was this installation, because it lets you interact with the video of gripping image of sea and somehow imagine the waves washing away your worries and doubts in life. Sea also depicts serenity and calmness. In this world full of noise, chaos, stress sometimes you just want to have a quiet and calm surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. For a moment, this installation somehow took me to that serene and calm place.

Mark Justiniani’s Infinity Series

Me standing in front of Justiniani’s amazing and genius artwork, this is the first time that I encountered an artwork that is a combination of art and science. I admire how he came up to this installation and how he made use the theory of perspective for his artworks. I’m really amazed to the point that I tried looking the sides of the artworks and repeatedly asked my friends how does it work.

Other special exhibits:

Nona Garcia’s Before the Sky
Pamela Yan Santos’ In Search of Meaning

Van Gogh is Bipolar
The entrance to the magical world (his bedroom) of Jetro Vin Rafael.

Jetro Vin Rafael with his favorite artwork (left) that he made, and the brainchild behind the following photos rather brilliant artworks:

Jetro Vin Rafael was diagnosed with a mental disorder particularly Bipolar I, which is, according to his doctors, the worst kind of Bipolar. I watched a video his speech at TEDxADMU, when he was about 9 or 10 he is already experiencing nightmares and every time the sky is getting dark or every night that’s when his hallucinations will start. He will wear his rosary around his neck, carry his Bible and a picture of Jesus every time his hallucinations start.

But his mental condition didn’t stop him from doing what he love, he made use of his condition in order to make those brilliant artworks. His exhibit captured me because the outside features of his exhibit is already captivating and you’ll already know that inside there is something more beautiful and amazing. So we went inside, took pictures, and I already passed by him, not knowing that he is the maestro, the brain child of the amazing exhibit that I’m looking at. Also, I liked the exhibit because I really love paintings that made use of water colors, how colorful his exhibit is, and that he made use of other materials to have a chill atmosphere and he also played ballad version of pop songs. I wasn’t able to count how many artworks he have, however I was able to feel and contemplate his works. We had a little chit-chat with him and he said that the portraits are the faces he sees every time his bipolar attacks. I admire how he made use of his condition to make those artworks and not see it as a hindrance from doing what he love. He is an inspiration for me because even if he have that condition he is making something that has a sense and purpose.

Other brilliant artworks, made by brilliant artists, I saw in #ArtFairPhilippines2016: