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After my last post I really started thinking about result-oriented content. I also like to say reproducible results. This got me thinking about an article I bookmarked a long time ago from Tim Ferris.

Just take a second and let this little paste below simmer,

The Power of Before/After:


Before/After of Patrick Thomlinson, who did the Slow-Carb Diet

“The 4 Hour Body is far more effective at marketing itself because the content in the book can physically transform the reader in a short period of time. If you lose 20 pounds of fat or gain 30 pounds of muscle in a month, all your friends will be approaching you saying “What the hell did you do?!” I know this because both of my parents lost 25 pounds on the diet, and everyone in their social circles was asking them for advice. Their response: “Pick up a copy of The 4-Hour Body.” BAM, even more books sold!”

Wow… That picture is effective. I want to create work that has people say, “What the hell did you do!” In a good way of course.

So how do we write like Tim? Well, I am not the guy to answer that question for you. But I can say that I am currently writing a book on debt and how an Applebee’s server paid off 225k of this debt. I wrote this book because I see LOTS of people suffering from debt and I know how it feels.

A little background: 12 years ago on a lonely night of drinking, I identified my biggest point of misery. My pain wasn’t the debt alone just mentioned. My pain was that I felt like a failure. More specifically, I felt as if I had a genetic predisposition to success. Like anyone, I had gone through long periods of failure and almost forgot what victory tasted like. I knew that if I could pay off this debt and defeat poverty I would have many great stories to tell from the experience. As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I literally sat down and created a plan of how I was going to do something big. I remember thinking, I was going to think unconventionally and pay off this debt! It took me about 6 years to pay off the debts and I have lots of tactics I created that others could really benefit from.

I feel that in order to do something big, you must first attach yourself to something big and own that project! I owned my wealth generation project. I didn’t just pay off all that darn debt, I aggressively grew my net worth into six digits and then started teaching others how to do the same. This process nearly took me ten years and changed me forever. And that is why I write. I just cannot keep this good news to myself. I feel like I am going to burst.

My book is just about done and I will now start thinking about the next big thing I can attached myself to. Stay Tuned. :)

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