If you like to sell something you need two fundamental things:

  1. An attractive product or offer and
  2. TRUST (!!)
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Recording the first professional green-screen video in 2015 was hard, but anyone can learn to master.

I used to work as a Sales Engineer in my early career and wanted to concentrate more on the customer relationship, without disregarding all the great product benefits and features I was providing.

My idea was recording videos were I explain all the technical stuff and concentrate in my meetings closely to the humans. More time for the hidden needs and interests of the person, small talk and maintaining a good business relationship with trust.

A friend of mine had a birthday gift for me with the statue of liberty on a turntable. Turning around with nice lighting. I thought using the turntable to give my product a stage. I recorded it really professional with with awesome lenses, blurred background in different angles and made a voice-over recording to explain all the details, features and customer benefits with my voice in the off. I’m not a professional voice actor, neither in German my native tongue, but it was a top-notch video product presentation. …



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