The Best Tofu Restaurants In Tokyo.

by Sayuri Katsuno

Have you tried natto? Sure, we all know how healthy it is, but in many cases, it’s hard to eat. In comparison, tofu is easy and as healthy as natto. I introduce some best tofu restaurants in Tokyo.


In front of the restaurant.

It’s located in downtown, so you can enjoy the view of Tokyo Tower. This restaurant is famous for the Tosui Tufu, which is eaten together with rich soy milk and a special broth.

Tosui Tofu

Generally, when you eat tofu, you have to pour soy sauce and yakumi such as shoga and negi. However I recommend you to try the Tosui Tofu without putting anything on it. Surprisingly, it isn’t boring at all and you can enjoy a certain sweetness.

I enjoyed the taste.

UKAI is specialized in tofu dishes, but you can also enjoy traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine, for example, Otsukuri — means “made”, made as sashimi.


After eating, you can walk through the Japanese traditional garden and there’s a beautiful small house called Iori. At the Iori, a craftsperson cooks Dengaku — grilled tofu topped with sweet miso sauce.


When you’re coming to Tokyo for sightseeing, please come to the Tokyo Tower and this restaurant, UKAI.

UKAI information


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