HiBTC Platform

The HiBTC is a giant trading platform has many advantages that will be given to potential users. It includes information protection, efficiency, risk control, income distribution, and transparency. In HiBTC, regardless of the size of the transaction, each participant can effectively achieve the investment objectives without worrying about personal privacy protection or the security of his assets. Other than that the professional financial unit will provide investors with rich risk hedging instruments and investment target choices.

Advantages of HiBTC

Guarantees 100% user security and digital investor resources

HiBTC is giving their top priority for the safety of the user’s digital assets. They collaborate with top security companies, examining the platform codes and setting up multi-layer firewalls before the platform is put into use. After launching the platform, they will use multi-signature and cold/hot wallet separation to place over 90% assets in the cold wallet as so to maximize the security of user asset.

Risk Controlling Option

HiBTC will provide users with risk coverage tool which Based on the digital currency spot transaction. They will further introduce the financial derivatives with digital currency as the target, including but not limited to forward contract, option contract, future contract and token financing, providing the professional investors with rich and effective risk hedging instruments.

Revenue Sharing

Revenues obtained from the platform will be distributed to HIBT token owners. The distribution will take place every day according to the rules of the bonus. In order to encourage money holding users for a long time, HiBTC will introduce a
“Dividend Bonus Program” which giving dividend bonus for Holders.

Transaction Mining

They are introducing “transaction + token holding” mining model which provides a transaction mining reward for users depending based on the HIBT held by the user and the market price of the processing fee paid by the user and the HIBT market price. Under that 50% of the HiBTC Token is rewarded to users through transaction processing fee mining. This is the one thing that HiBTC platform very different from others.

More Efficient than other Platforms

HiBTC is trying to provide advance transaction framework for users which uses an advanced memory coupling algorithm to handle 2 million transactions per second.

Introducing Innovative Token listing method for Platform

HiBTC introduces the world’s first “1+1” currency listing dual-channel mode which completely different from others. They are abandoning the traditional fee-based currency listing mode and introducing “1 + 1” currency listing dual-channel mode includes a platform selection channel and a HIBT holder recommendation channel.

HiBTC Token (HIBT)

HIBT is the official token of the HiBTC stage which will be utilized to complete exchanges on the stage. The token likewise fill in as authentication of enthusiasm for the HiBTC stage and will be issued to everyone that shows enthusiasm for the stage. The HiBTC token (HIBT) has an aggregate supply of 10 billion which is topped with no probability of expanding later on.

Privileges of HIBT Holders

HiBTC is a network based stage which rewards steady network individuals in view of the quantity of tokens hung on the stage. By holding the HIBT token, you’re qualified for a few prizes and furthermore have a few rights on the stage which are clarified underneath:

Every one of the incomes created on the HiBTC stage will be dispersed to HIBT holders day by day in light of the taking an interest extra principles.Holders of HIBT tokens have meet voting rights to partake in the basic leadership procedures of huge issues on the HiBTC stage.

HIBT holders likewise have privileges of decision and supervision as individuals from the HiBTC people group board of trustees are chosen by HIBT token holders and this advisory group reports their exercises to token holders.Holders of HIBT up to a specific sum can likewise prescribe a token to be recorded on the HiBTC stage.

HiBTC Token (HIBT) Information:
Token Name: HiBTC Token
Ticker: HIBT
Token type: ERC20
Total Supply: 10 billion HIBT token

HiBTC Token (HIBT) Allocation:

• Mining Reward — 50%
• Holder Shared Fund — 18%
• Founding Team and Strategic Partners — 25%
• Cornerstone Investors — 5%
• Market Promotion — 2%


You can be part of the HiBTC Trading community eligible to participate in the HiBTC “Holders Shared Reward”. It is a 100 percent reward pool which is triggered to reward the contributors of the day.
Furthermore, If the prize pool is not triggered on one day, the HIBT positive contribution ranking will be reset at UTC time 23:59:59 , it means the HIBT positive contribution users not at the trigger day are unable to get the prize.


Learn more about the project by following the links below:

Exchange Link: https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

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