Then There Was a Bus

As 2015 continued weekly meetings, campouts and events started to bring the YesTribe closer together, and the idea of two bases for the Tribe developed, one in the city and one in the country.

For years Dave, who had lived out of two bags since he quit his job in 2005, had dreamed of converting a double decker bus into a home, and from this the idea of a converted bus as a YesTribe hub became a focus.

In May 2016 we bought a bus! The idea was simple, to strip it out and then convert it into a place where the Tribe could come to escape, relax, learn, cook, work and even sleep. In addition, this would be a space where people could be comfortably introduced to the outdoors; from bringing disadvantaged kids from the city to the countryside, to hosting cub and scout campouts and teaching bushcraft skills.

We started looking for land in the countryside where the YesBus could live at the heart of a site that would have camping possibilities, compost loos, a permaculture garden and ultimately, a place that would offer an escape to anyone needing to transition away from life as an 8am to 8pm worker bee in the city.

A place where new ideas could form, where new mindsets would blossom. Where people, regardless of background, could become the humans they really wanted to be.