Welcome to the YesTribe

In barely one year a community of positive, adventurous, motivated people has appeared out of nowhere.

Driven by a need to spend time outdoors, find work that matters and take responsibility for their own individual and communal happiness, the YesTribe has grown to over 2000-strong since June 2015.

Now, with hundreds of events and adventures under the belt since the first ever YesTribe campout on June 4th 2015, things are taking shape.

Under the parent social enterprise, SayYesMore, the organisation is spreading its wings thanks to an army of volunteers. Weekly gatherings and microadventures ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for new and old members of the community to come together.

Monthly YesStories evenings in Central London bring together members of the YesTribe to share their own tales of adventure, business — anything that involves DOING something.

Our founder Dave Cornthwaite and Chris Barnes have bought a double decker bus and the conversion is ongoing to create the most amazing escape hub, co-working space and all-round den where seeds can be moulded into reality.

And between October 21st and 23rd we're holding our next Yestival, a microfestival for positive change, in a field near London. The festival will be full of speakers sharing examples of how life can be lived to the full. We have a family and kids corner this year, it's going to be all kinds of fun, and is called DreamCamp. And we're aiming to produce a Plastic Clever festival, which means absolutely no throwaway plastic cups, cutlery, plates or bags.

Visit the website for all things SayYesMore, and the YesTribe group on Facebook to get involved in some adventurous chatter. We're also on Instagram and Twitter.

Make Life Memorable, SayYesMore.