Huddled around a fire for the first YesTribe campout on June 4th 2015

Where it all began

For a decade SayYesMore has been Dave Cornthwaite’s personal motto. It led him to quit his job as a graphic designer and pursue a happier life with fewer limits. He started by skateboarding across Australia, which led to three world records, a book deal and a handful of public speaking gigs. Ten years later Dave is a popular figure in the global adventure scene, author of three books, speaker, filmmaker and all-round doer.

Since 2012 (when Dave swam 1001 miles down the Missouri River) SayYesMore became public property. People started wearing clothes with the motto on and taking on their own missions, raising thousands for charity along the way.

In Spring 2015 Dave started a new project to turn his Facebook audience into real friends, and he did it by inviting people to go camping with him for one night.

That Summer over 300 people joined Dave on his campouts and suddenly a new community started to grow, generated by positivity and a love for the outdoors and adventure, and sustained by the value of being surrounded by supportive, like-minded friends.

By October 2015 there were over 1000 people in this new community, which we called the YesTribe. The first Yestival was held in the Surrey countryside that month, and then things really started to get moving.

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