Bernie Sanders:The Promises He Can Keep

President Barack Obama had promised to create a system that will “allow undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go back to the line to become citizens.” in his immigration plan for the US. However, due to most Republican’s view that the immigrants should not be provided any second chances and chances will encourage more illegal immigrants to enter the US, Obama’s idea was resisted by the Congress. Barack Obama is from the centrist wing of the Democratic party there are many instances where he could not implement all his proposed plans and ideas in his 8 years at the office. Bernie Sanders, is from the progressive wing within the Democratic party and his ideology is far more left then Obama’s. If Sanders is to become president he has a big boulder in front of him and the American revolution he has proposed is very difficult to achieve.
The House of Representatives and the US Senate both have Republicans in the Majority. If the Democrats are not able to get a Majority within the Congress in the November 8th election, most or all of Bernie Sanders promises could be in the verge of failure. Why? Because most of his ideas such as single payer health care are so far left, it is almost impossible to pass it through the Senate. There are high chances that the conservative Democrats along with the whole of Republicans will not agree with his plans.
What is to be noted here is that, when Obama was able to pass the Affordable Care Act, one of the most recognized work accomplished by him as President , the Senate had 57 Democrats and 41 Republicans and 2 independents including Sanders. Both independents sided with the Democratic Party and one Republican Senator changed sides to become a Democrat. This gave Democrats full control with 60 of the senators being Democrats out of 100 in the Senate and hence the Affordable Care Act was successfully brought into action. However, in the November of 2014, the tables turned and now the Republicans are in majority with 54 seats in the Senate. Bernie Sanders ideas can only pass through the Congress, if in the upcoming November 2016 elections, the democrats can do what they had done in 2008. and even if they are in majority, there will still be concerns to whether the Conservative Democrats will side with him.
Right now, Hillary Clinton seems to be realistic with her ideas and seems to know how to do what she has promised to do.
However, what Bernie Sanders has put forward in his speeches are bound to give the American working class a huge sigh of relief. His Middle East policy where he has promised to let Muslim countries take lead against the Islamic State shows how keen he is to show respect to other countries while providing them with support.
America, right now, is deeply divided than ever before. Whether it be on the matter of gun control or to accept climate change.New issues are rising everyday and most of the time the Republicans seem to be reluctant to join hands with the Democrats even in matters that are as important as climate change. Bernie Sanders is the right man for America but it might not be the right time for him to be a President.

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