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The United States’ exit from the Paris climate deal, America’s best chance to save ourselves from catastrophic impacts, was the biggest foreign policy blunder in recent memory.

An excellent move. The Paris COP21 boondoggle, at best, will accomplish nothing. At worst, it would saddle the US with literally TRILLIONS of dollars of compliance costs, devoted mainly to funding climate change initiatives in other countries.

Forget it. Never gonna happen.

And on Tuesday, Government Executive reported that Tillerson’s science and technology advisor is resigning more than a year before his non-political three-year term ends.

Ah. More good news. The departing advisor worships solar and wind power, two technologies that will always generate no more than a relatively small percentage of power. It is the technologies that are limited. Nature made it that way.

2007 Corporate Citizenship Report,” Exxon announced that the following year, “we will discontinue contributions to several public policy research groups whose positions on climate change could divert attention from the important discussion on how the world will secure the energy required for economic growth in an environmentally responsible manner.”

More clear thinking on the part of Exxon. The company decided it would no longer fund the anti-fossil fuel crowd. They are the impediments to meeting the energy needs of the planet.

And don’t forget, OPEC will NEVER stop selling oil. OPEC nations have nothing else togenerate the growing amount of cash they need to finance their progressively more expensive social programs. And Venezuela is about to collapse. The first OPEC nation to collapse due to its own foolish dependence on one export product.

Meanwhile, the fossil-fuel consumers will NEVER stop consuming, because the alternatives are insufficient. Except for nuclear, which is also opposed by a devoted hate-group.

Tillerson’s embrace of a 30-percent budget cut for State…

Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s an idea that should work its way through all of Washington.

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