David: the USA pledged $3 Billion dollars to the climate fund and even if we paid that amount…
Scott Piper

the USA pledged $3 Billion dollars to the climate fund and even if we paid that amount (which was not mandatory) it would certainly not amount to “most of the cost, or almost all of it”.

You seem to have overlooked the clearly stated plan of sending the bill for all the environmental solutions to the “wealthy nations” while giving a free ride to the poor nations. You also seem to have overlooked the estimated cost of the COP21 plans — $45 TRILLION.

I believed the Paris accord was a poor deal and I would have revised the USA contribution level and I would have attempted to convert much of our contributions from cash into US produced products that would then be provided to developing nations.

That’s a nonsensical plan. Poor nations, by definition, have no money. They can’t pay for anything. Hence, we supply vendor-financing, which means US taxpayers are stuck with the bill. That’s how it works.

At least that way our money would put Americans to work and help strengthen our place in the global marketplace for things like solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

Solar panels and wind turbines are so insanely inefficient that installing them in resource-rich nations of Africa, for example, is the equivalent of handing out shovels to a million laborers rather than using a back-hoe and bull-dozer to move a lot of dirt and rocks.

Instead we backed out and left our set at the table to someone else to fill. Not a good move IMO.

All the other nations of the world have my blessing to pay the bills for all the Paris COP21 stuff they’re willing to underwrite. I hope they jump in with both feet.

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