Rules of Engagement for the Environmental Century
Stephen Mulkey

Those rules are thoughtful, however they will not connect with the future in the ways you imagine. No nation is going to end its combustion of fossil fuels. And no nation that produces fossil fuels is going to end its production.

You can be sure the OPEC nations will sell oil at any price for as long as the oil comes out of the ground. They have no alternatives for revenue and they are doing nothing to alleviate their dependency on oil sales.

Furthermore, the US will continue to extract oil, gas and coal from our reserves.

Moreover, as noted in one of your rules, physics does not obey politics. Hence, you’re acknowledging there is no alternative to fossil fuels. Contrived accounting rules to stimulate solar and wind power generation cannot overcome the huge shortcomings of those energy sources. Additionally, there are no technological leaps to promising to change the realities.

And batteries aren’t the answer. They’ve been around for 200 years and they still fall way, way short.

The future will include plenty of fossil fuel consumption. Combustion will become more efficient, but overall oil and gas consumption will increase. At best, coal consumption will level off.

Mankind will continue on its merry way.

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