I don’t know what to tell you, David.
Meagan Day

You’re right, calling it the Black Wall Street is the default, a characterization that implies much that isn’t true. Obviously a lot of terrible events occurred in Greenwood during the riot, but I have no doubt the facts have been obscured by time and telling, by prejudice and deceit.

As I mentioned, the 9/11 truthers can’t stop lying about an event that occurred only 15 years ago, at a time when thousands of people had cell phones and video cameras pointed at the World Trade Center, when helicopters circled the buildings, when people in the Trade Center and nearby were interviewed extensively in the aftermath.

And the government put out its findings. But still there are profound questions that haven’t been answered with total honesty. Hence, given the near impossibility of a truly complete and honest accounting of 9/11, why would anyone think we can get the facts — not the beliefs — about the Tulsa riot?

I’m a New York City guy. I worked in the World Trade Center on the 47th floor of Tower One, the tower with the huge antenna. Every year I attend the memorial ceremonies, and every year I run into the various clowns pushing their insane narrative. This year a two-day seminar was held at Cooper Union. The most prominent Truthers,some who are Phd engineers and architects spouted their crackpot theories to explain the collapse of Tower 7, as well as their notions about the way in which buildings fall when they’re subjected to controlled demolition.

I’m an engineering school graduate, so I know why these crackpots are wrong. But more and more people are developing an acceptance of their views.

I was around for the Crown Heights riot in 1991. Gavin Cato was killed in a tragic car accident. How quickly did total baloney spread through the black Crown Heights community and turn a family tragedy into a huge debacle that included the murder of an Australian Jew visiting the city?

The idiot mayor — Dinkins — couldn’t trouble himself to react and the police commissioner — Lee Brown— may have been in a drunken stupor.

Recent riots — Charlotte, for example — make it painfully clear that distorted beliefs lead to madness and the madness is magnified as a result of the impact of social media.

These days, in this era of White Privilege, we whites are apparently supposed to confess our sins and accept the blame for being the root cause of all the social pathologies that have impaired black lives forever. This kind of alternate-reality thinking is hammered home in every way possible. Not least is the current attempt to revive interest in the Tulsa riot. It’s been a staple of the anti-white, Tim Wise crowd for many years, but it’s now receiving an extra boost as racist groups including #blacklivesmatter have somehow obtained a degree of legitimacy in this presidential election year.

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