Please stop asking me if I’m alright.
Lalaina Rackson

Also, its who, how, and why that asks “Are you alright?” 
Manipulative People
This, and questions like it, are a time honored way for manipulative people to attempt to gain by power using social norms to trap you into showing your cards. Sometimes, you don’t have to reveal your inner feelings. Sometimes, it puts you at a disadvantage. Only you are entitled to your feelings. 
Selfish Helper
The less sinister but no more helpful reason is the type of person who asks to reassure and placate themselves that they are doing everything they can to help you. Something something, stereotype of emotionally absent sitcom boyfriend. 
How To
Here is how to spot these in yourself and others. 1)Is the person asking the question, willing to put as much effort into solving YOUR problem as they are to getting you to tell it to them. Are they persistently asking “Are you alright?”, but not persistently helping you be alright? A person willing to put time, mind and money down to help you address your problems is sincerely asking this question and I expect they will make it evident. 
“If you don’t know, you won’t know.”- Snoop Dogg
Also, Are these people asking because they don’t know, or because they are trying to find out? People sincerely on your team, already know, or are finding out. The others will never know, because they will never put up the emotional capitol for you to trust them.

Hi, the abundant use of “you” in the article is NOT directed at the author Lalaina Rackson of this article. Again NOT directed at the author. Its directed out there *points to world*.