“Together at Last”

Cereal ads are advertised in many different ways. Majority of brands have a fictional character that represents the cereal(ex:Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Flakes). I feel when advertising cereal you really need to awe the customer to buy that cereal because there are so many different cereals. The ad above is a good example of an effective ad that catches the customers eye.

To start off, the arrangement of the ad is effective. A persons eye first starts off by looking at the raisin and cranberry, it then travels up to the slogan and then back down to the logo on the bottom right. This is the type of arrangement that ads should have. The reader is interested and curious when they first see the raisin and cranberry talking to each other. The slogan of the ad is a short yet effective, it gives the sense that raisins and cranberries were meant to be in your cereal. With the logo in the bottom right, Raisin Bran is the last thing readers see before tuning the page.

To continue, This ad is targeting older adults, male or female, who enjoy raisins, cranberries and have some minor health issues. People who have certain conditions that requires them to eat healthy won’t have to worry about eating Raisin Bran. To reassure them, not only does it state it in the body copy of the ad but it says it on the box of cereal as well. They really want to get the point across that you can enjoy great tasting cereal that is also a healthy choice for you.

To add to that, in order to get people to buy their products and not other similar cereals, they need to separate themselves from the rest. The USP being used in this ad is that Raisin Bran is healthy for your heart. Even though Frosted Flakes may taste amazing, why not switch to Raisin Bran that is just as good with the new addition of cranberries and is healthy for you heart. They are trying to advertise the win-win situation, great taste and a healthy choice.

Lastly, effective ads can make an impact on a person. If an ad really interests an individual, later on if they see that product that was advertised, they can potentially buy it when before they would have thought of purchasing it. When people see the new great idea of adding cranberries to Raisin Bran and seeing that it is a healthy choice, there is a big chance people will buy the product.

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