Dealing with Toxic People

Many of you might have dealt with Toxic people and relationships in Life. Toxic people are the special category of Human beings who like to intoxicate people, surroundings and situations. The main objective for existence of these people is to disappoint, demotivate and tear the souls of people by their falsehood.

Let me prove this. I recently came across one of my friend ,who was into a toxic relationship. The guy Emmett was kind of Toxic while, the girl Lesly was an independent, broad-minded and brilliant girl.

Any guy would love to have a partner like her. As per her story- She knew this guy from high school and they were like good friends. For first three years they went along so well, that they considered each other perfect for a relationship.

As they entered into a relationship, Lesly started to realize- how dominating, narrow-minded and toxic Emmett could be. The main reason for late realization of his character is that, she never went so close to him to understand the actual kind of personality he was. Finally, they ended up. Lesly was so broken and lost her Self-Confidence.

Seriously, toxic people are very good at blind-folding others with their so-called, “Wanna be” attitude; which actually they’re not. They always try to show off themselves as perfectionists, leaders, ambitious. But, at the end of the day they are demanding, rude, selfish and shallow-minded.

They roast the souls of people around them and disappoint them to an extent that, others around them end up losing their self-confidence.

Even though if you try to change them, it’s worse than banging your head against wall. Therefore, to deal with such people, I’d suggest these measures.

Though I’ve been trying to help Lesly to get out of this mind-set but, this is something which has been deeply rooted inside her soul. The obvious reason is a Toxic relationship. So, if you don’t want to end up your life in toxicity of a toxic person. Pls. go through the suggested measures for how to handle them.

I hope next time you come across any toxic person, you might deal him with extra care.

So, what would you like to suggest for dealing with a toxic person? Share any tips or your experience. I’d be honored to listen your suggestions.

May be this could just help those who need to get out of a toxic relationship.!


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