Two Scorpions

It was a chilly winter morning in the suburbs of Delhi when at sharp 9:30 A.M. I reached Dilli Haat. I searched him outside the parking lot, around all the Panwaris where I could possibly find him smoking or roaming but, he was nowhere.

I sat outside the gate waiting and thinking, “I should have never come back from Chandigarh”. The epitome of Happiness, grace and energy was all left behind in the foothills of Parmanoo, where almost 2 weeks ago, we had experienced the most beautiful Sunrise after a thundershower.

“The most convincing beauty on earth had stirred life among two dead souls who were living a worthless life full of responsibilities& liabilities. The mornings at Parmanoo were so graceful that it charged and purified the mind, body & soul of all impurities .Also the evenings beside the lake in Chandigarh were so bosom that, I could spend my whole life sitting beside the lake watching the moon and stars in the sky.”

It was 9:44 A.M. and he was still not there. The dense fog around the whole area had begun to diminish as; the hue of sunlight was dominating the fog. I had already taken 2 tickets, so that we could prevent the long queues. I could not afford to waste even a single minute while meeting him since, he had become an obscenely big personality who can’t afford to waste his time on a commoner like me.

“But then, it was all my choice. How could I blame him for my Decision? I did this for the betterment of both of us. There was no future left at that place, when we had already suffered huge loss in our Business”, I thought.

It was now 10:15 A.M. and my patience had started to boil along with my temper. As it was his usual habit to keep me waiting because he had a strong belief that, being a Scorpion (who is not only encored by darkness with a carrying capacity of venom), I have the proficiency to absorb all the negativities and converting them into valuable experiences of life.

He used to compare me with Athena, the Greek goddess of war & wisdom. Since, he had never seen such a wise and versatile lady who could be just perfect for any man.

” But then, this perfect lady who had left behind all her perfection had now become a commoner , who just stood waiting for the man whom she regarded as her godfather”, my inner goddess said.

While waiting, I took a smoke and as usual my observations of the environment had gradually begun. Earlier I used to feel embarrassed smoking in the public alone thinking that, it would give a wrong impression of my personality and character.

But, the corporate life had already trained me not to think too much as; obviously I’m not going to approach the Panwari for a date. It’s an insane thought.

We’re living in 21st Century and still the same thinking exists when people living in metros actually believe in Live-in relationships and friends with benefits.

I realized that when a woman smokes or she is found smoking in the public, people make two types of assumptions: Either they officially declare her a whore or, they find her bold & brave enough to carry such an image in the public.

But what does smoking have to do with a woman’s character or the govt. has only given the copyright license to Men for smoking in public?

I usually advice People to just get over with it, this is just an insane thought. We also get stressed at times and smoke actually lowers the flow of depression hormones in the body. So stop seeing and visualizing us like we’re committing a crime.

We are proud of being a part of a democratic nation where men actually have full freedom to smoke, whistle and harass a girl in full public. And the reason women become victimize is just that they prefer ignorance and public insult.

But just imagine the day when urban women becomes rough and bold, I bet these category of men won’t find a place to hide themselves.

Hush, it seems that I was almost about to take an oath of becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi and was rehearsing my speech.

After getting out of the Women Empowerment state of mind, I noticed my character assumption getting assassinated by the visual motion of the Panwari, the Chaiwala, the municipal workers and a few couples who were roaming around the ticket counter.

It was 10:45 A.M. now and I had wasted more than enough time waiting for him. I picked my bag and started getting down the stairs when suddenly; I felt a cold gush of wind advancing towards the parking lot and a loud horn indicating his presence around.

As I turned, I saw the silver Wagon-R with number 6594 entering the parking lot. I got mixed feelings at that time. First, I thought of walking away from that place for insulting him but then, I knew how desperately I spent 3 months 2 weeks and 4 days waiting to meet him without any contact.

It was just a date, time, venue and my faith which forcibly pushed me to come and meet him. I had no idea to how I’d react on seeing him after so long. I thought maybe, I should hug him as he comes in front of me.

But as they say, ”it never happens like you think” and as usual he was busy on a phone call wearing a grey suit and beige shoes.

Mr. Scorpion had finally arrived on time.

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