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As a Packer fan, it’s nice to see someone give some actual reason and logic to explain the Packers’ offensive struggles other than “Rodgers is overrated.” You correctly point out that some of the issues are mechanical with Rodgers, but I think the biggest problems are what the article discusses near the end. The playcalling is so incredibly bland and predictable over the last year or so.

The Packers used to kill people by running “Nelson trips”, a trips formation that put Nelson as the inside receiver in a trips set, matching him up against nickel cornerbacks and linebackers. They were also the first NFL team to run the quick out play where the receivers are blocking (possibly illegally) for the receiver as the ball is thrown. The Packers don’t do either of these things anymore….

About a year ago, the blueprint for stopping Rodgers became “play cover 2 man”, take away the quick stuff that Rodgers likes to throw and force the receivers to actually get open. Almost everyone plays us this way now, yet McCarthy refuses to adjust. We don’t run man beaters like the rub routes this artcile suggests, and don’t run jerk and snag routes that any 12 year old who plays Madden or NCAA football knows as the best way to beat man. Instead, we continue to try and throw hooks, curls, and vertical routes, which are among the easiest to defend in a man to man technique.

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