An Open Letter To You
talia jane

I agree, Talia. We should take issue in the fact that people are born to areas in which, as they age, they are not able to properly support themselves and their families. I agree that our emerging adults should not graduate from a university education to find that, within the city they dreamed they could find a future in, they are unable to find a means to viably support themselves. I agree that we should teach our youth that the skies are the limit, and that helping others, rather than acquiring personal gain, is imperative to achieving success for our species. 
However, I do not condone the consumerist, credit card, Barbie-world that you seem to think exists for you and the rest of the world; it is not feasible in the long run. When one considers the havoc this sort of societal model wreaks world-wide, it becomes difficult to devise a proper strategy for our future generations. Altruism is key to our species’ success (not totally, but mostly). Yet I wonder: is your current post more to save face or to save lives? Not the lives of your fellow, unsuccessful, younger millennials, but lives of people who really don’t have a choice?
 For those night owls who know quite a tid-bit about socio-economic status and everything about that “lovely” spectrum…please do your awesome-sauce for those “who really don’t have a choice” yet are struggling to have one. 
I would explain it myself, but I’m obliged to work (full-time), attend school (9 hrs — still trying to get through what my parents couldn’t afford *wink*), and care for a child who, like most, requires the important aspect of tuned nurture to acquire a decent work ethic *double wink*. I might have some free time this weekend to do the research needed to heftily explain why it is necessary to oblige a living wage to “those without a choice” (probably not you) in order to lessen backlash and gain a backing. Might. It’s highly unlikely, though, due to my responsibilities to REAL LIFE. You know….cause I’m better at thinking about things than actually doing them. Or maybe not.

With that said…what’s YOUR excuse?

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