My Immigrant Story

My ancestors who arrived in Plymouth, MA on the Anne 2 1/2 years after the Mayflower were immigrants. It was the third arriving boat of Pilgrims. (Patriarch Robert Bartlett’s soon-to-be father-in-law arrived on the Mayflower.)

My ancestors who arrived in steerage on the SS Kaiser Wilhelm from Bologna, Italy via Genoa to Ellis Island in 1893 were immigrants.

Three different sets of ancestors who arrived from Scotland and England through Prince Edward Island, Canada in the early 1800s were immigrants.

Had there been walls and restrictions based on country of origin or religion (my guess in the latter would have eliminated the “Papist” Fortini passage) or other tests, I would not be typing this today. I would not be, period.

The only wall was the one built of sharply pointed sticks in the early 1620s in Plymouth — and that one was built to keep out the people who were here first: Native Americans.

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