Common presentation mistakes

Creating good PowerPoint presentation sometimes seems to be not just a challenge but a real trial. You can find a lot of I formation on the Internet regarding how to create PowerPoint presentations but despite of this a great number of people still fail to achieve good results. Let’s analyze the most widely spread mistakes that people make:

1. Not preparing enough. Through preparation in immensely important. Your task is not just to create PowerPoint presentation as it will not do your job. Your task is to prepare yourself. Plan what you will include in your presentation and how you will hold yourself. Besides, early preparation will help you calm down your nerves, and you will definitely know your topic very well.

2. Do not talk too much and too long. If it is unavoidable and your presentation will be long for various reasons, divide it into 10 minutes chunks. Try to re-engage the attention of your audience every 10 minutes. Use a black slide that will re-focus your audience’s attention on you.

Avoid reading from your slides. It is a terrible thing to do. It will make your presentation boring and nearly kill your audience. You need to be the expert of your field and know the topic well enough to be able to improvise.

3. The main objective of the PowerPoint presentation is to illustrate what is being told. Keep it simple. That means that the slides of your presentation must contain only the most important information — key aspect. Do not even try to overload your slides with information. Avoid inconsistent slides and complex sentences. Transition from one slide to another must be logical and information must be clear. Moreover, do not spread your presentation over dozens of slides. Try to limit it up to 10–15 slides.

4. Using awful design. Though it is not the first point, it is one of the most essential points in creating PowerPoint presentation. Poor slides will spoil your presentation even if your speech is perfect. A great number of presenters use standard PowerPoint templates but let’s be honest — some of these jeopardy templates are disastrous. They may contain too many bullet points that will nearly kill your audience or simply cheesy visual effects. As a matter of facts, this is the point where you have options. You can still continue with classy PowerPoint templates, you can download free templates from the Internet, even though there is no guarantee they will be good, or you can create your own PowerPoint template. However, there is one more option and probably for most people it is the easiest solution — to buy readymade high quality templates from sites like

However, if you have decided to add some challenge in your everyday life and spend some times on creating your own template, do not get carried away with unnecessary animation. Make sure that the images you use are of good quality. Graphics and images of high quality can clarify complex information. Bad quality images can stretch and get blurred when displayed. In addition, it is not advised to use garish colours or too small fonts as it will be difficult to read such slides. It is traditional to use light or white text on the dark background.

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