from, Warren with one of many young girls across US giving the “pinky promise” of seeing woman president
From, one of many girls across the country she gave a “pinky promise” to them that they would see a woman president

If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle

Hillary Clinton on how the media focused on her looks and clothing more than her message when she was running for President

I wrote some of this post earlier in the week when I saw the writing on the wall as the recently withdrawn candidates pulled behind Biden. I knew in my heart that people had once again dismissed the best candidate because she was a woman. But I didn’t give up on her and for that I’m proud.

I still think Elizabeth Warren was the best candidate. And if she had dropped out sooner I would have backed Kamala Harris instead. Those saying that supporters of these women only cared about having a woman president shows that they were never taken seriously. Most people had no idea what Warren or Harris were running for. Instead, as before, they were judged on their looks, voices, and clothing. And always more harshly for things that the men candidates got a pass on.

So I’m updating the post with a new message.

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race because she knew it was time. She saw the polls and knew that running further wasn’t going to get the results that she needed. But people that support Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden risk alienating her supporters by saying that she should hurry up and endorse one of them. Once again it exhibits the behavior of telling a woman what she needs to do, just like telling her to drop out of the race before Super Tuesday.

Whether you’re for Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden for president isn’t the point. Qualified women running for President are still not given a chance that men are. And most people just accept it. It’s not just Elizabeth Warren, it was also done to Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar. They were all dismissed by the media and most men. But most disheartening of all to me was the lack of support from other women.

We saw this happen to Hillary Clinton in the last election, and it seems that we haven’t learned from it. Not only was she more qualified, but in the past three years, we have seen a level of corruption in our government that we never thought we could see. Children in cages and immigrants sent back to their countries and killed by the factions they were trying to get protection from. Women and LGBTQ people have lost even more rights. And people of color are getting profiled and locked up while white supremacists are marching the streets of our cities with weapons.

We had the most qualified woman ever running for President this time, and she laid out valid plans on issues that are important to the American people.

Why did I care so much? Because I saw the other candidates running on limited platforms that tackle only a few causes. Maybe I didn’t convince anyone to vote for her. I didn’t push people to do so because I believed that my opinion is just that.

Ending corruption in Washington

Fighting the climate crisis with the Green New Deal and the Blue New Deal (for Oceans and Waterways)

Eliminating Student Debt

Making the Rich and corporations pay their fair share of the taxes so we can fund the changes needed

Fixing our broken health care system

Ensuring racial and economic justice and opportunity for all

Raising wages for the poor and working-class

Fixing foreign policy

Universal child care

Battling the Coronavirus

The website has the plans and details available at

Senator Warren listened to people of all races and sexes to ask for their help to solve these problems. She has a long history of doing work that benefits everyday people, not the rich. But know that she’s out of the race how does that help you decide?

So if you’re sure this time you want a President who can make these things happen, vote for the presidential candidate that works for all the people. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in the next few years, and we can’t start until we take back the presidency and the Senate.

Support candidates in your state that are running against those that have rubberstamped the current administration’s policies in the Senate. Donate to their campaigns, phone bank for them. Support them and spread their message on social media. If we take back the Senate we can undo much of the harmful policies that have been enacted. We can balance the courts again.

Don’t forget about your state and local races either. If you elect people that stand for these issues they can pass state laws. And make sure you re-elect state representatives that support policies for the people like healthcare, higher minimum wages, tackling climate change, or any of the other issues above that are important to you. Finally, make sure that any seats in the US House of Representatives are kept Democratic if they become open. Majorities in both houses are what we need to pass new policies.

If you want to see a qualified woman candidate run in your lifetime we must start supporting qualified women more often for jobs, and politics. Until the playing field is level and more women are in office we can’t understand just how important diversity is. The same holds true for people of color or LGBTQ. The next time you hear something negative about a person based on their appearance, gender, sexual orientation, or race speak up. You will get the added benefit of feeling better about it yourself.

If you want to find even more ways you can help fight inequality, check out some of my past posts on inequality. All posts provide ideas anyone can take to make a difference in causes they care about.

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