Kendall’s Trip

Episode 1

Kendall was packing for her INTERNATIONAL trip with her mother, their first stop was Brazil.

“Kendall the amount of shirts and pants you packed are UNEQUAL.”

“Thanks for letting me know mom!”

Kendall and her mom always made a good COMBINATION. They drove over to Kendall’s best friend’s house to drop off their dog, Lucy.

“Jenna remember to give Lucy her treats and take her on walks.”

“Of course, have fun on your trip!”

It was finally time to be on their way to the airport. They grabbed breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and it was SUPERB. The line for security was very long and they were already running late so, they had to INTERJECT through the people in line. Finally, they got to the gate and the flight attendant INTRODUCED herself.

“Hello my name is Cindy, have a great flight!”

“Thank you!”

They headed to their seats.

“Mom, these seats are very COMFORTABLE, I have a feeling that this will be a great flight.”

Kendall always had good luck so she didn’t doubt herself. Although, she was a bit nervous because she has never been on a plane before.

The flight attendants walked through the aisles with a SUPERFLUOUS amount of food.

“I’ll have the chicken and broccoli please.”

Kendall was UNSATISFIED with her food.

She was starting to get bored so she decided to look through the movies on the screen in front of her.

“I’m going to go for a SUPERNATURAL movie, what about you mom?”

“I’m more into romance, the Notebook it is!”

It started getting dark out the window and Kendall was getting tired so she decided to go to sleep. A rattling noise woke her up.

“Mom did you hear that?”

“Honey it was probably nothing, go back to sleep.”

Suddenly she felt a large force going down and the pilot started speaking.

“We’re having trouble with the engine, if everyone could remain calm, we are trying are hardest to land safely.”

As Kendall felt the plane falling, she knew her life would never be the same.

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Episode 2

Kendall began to tear up.

“Mom, are we going to be okay?”

Kendall PREDICTED that her mother was wrong. The pilot REPORTED to take the life jackets from under their seats.

“That doesn’t sound so good”, Kendall said.

The pilot DESCRIBED the situation.

“All passengers put on your life jackets but do not blow them up until you are outside, you are going to leave through one of the exits and slide down the raft, then PROCEED to one of the boat rafts. Last, don’t take anything with you, nothing is more IMPORTANT then your life.”

Kendall headed to one of the exits with her mother and they slid down the big, NEON yellow raft. In ADDITION, they swam over to a crowded boat raft. It was tough for Kendall to get on the raft so her mom helped her.

“We are trying to call for help but there is no signal so we will do the best we can”, the pilot proclaimed. “For now we have enough food and water to last use a couple days.”

“A couple days?!”, Kendall exclaimed.

There was a problem, it didn’t seem like there were enough rafts for everyone to fit on. Adults had to make a DECISION whether or not to let children on instead of themselves. There was even a grown man that was acting like a COWARD because he let himself on instead of a woman and her baby. To make matters worse, Kendall is claustrophobic so she has to ADAPT to her surroundings.

It was getting late, Kendall was very tired and hungry. After asking, Kendall got a cup of applesauce.

“Is this all I get?”

“It’s all anyone gets for today, we don’t know how long we are going to be here”, the flight attendant answered.

Kendall was starting to get very worried.

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Episode 3

Even with her SPECTACLES, she couldn’t see anything across the horizon besides the bright blue water. She INFERRED there was nothing out there.

Meanwhile, there was a REDUCTION in food and Kendall was getting DEHYDRATED. She was DEPENDING on the pilot and flight attendants to take care of that.

Kendall was getting claustrophobic, there had to be at least twelve people on one small raft, she wanted to EXIT immediately.

“Mom I don’t know how much longer I can take this.”

“Honey don’t overreact, we are all in the same situation.”

The pilot stood up to make an announcement, “We are going to start moving and try to find land.” Although, nothing can be spotted even using a TELESCOPE.

This made Kendall realize that they are going to be stranded for longer then she thought. As if using TELEPATHY her mom said, “Don’t worry we will be safe and RETURN home soon.”

After what feels like forever, they see something in the distance. Something that finally isn’t blue, it showed EVIDENCE that something is out there. As they were getting closer they could see that it was a good-sized island. They started to unload the the supplies and people from the rafts. Kendall wanted to explore but, her mom wanted Kendall to stay close. As her mom was helping unload, Kendall snuck away from her.

Kendall was walking through a forest and surprisingly found good-looking food growing so, she thought it would be a good idea to take them with her and ask an adult later if it was okay to eat. Some she recognized and others were new to her.

A few minutes past and she thought it would be a good idea to start heading back, except she didn’t really know which way to go. “Great, now I’m lost.” Kendall just guessed and turned around.

Suddenly she heard a rattling from the leaves and got afraid, “What could that be?”, she thought.

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Episode 4

Kendall was grabbed and pulled into the bushes. Her screams INTERJECTED his grip so he let go.

“It’s okay! I’m just lost and need your help”, a boy about the same age as Kendall exclaimed.

Her worried face MORPHED into a smile because she was glad to not be alone. “What’s your name? I’m Kendall.”

“I’m Chris, it’s so nice to find you here I was lost for a while.”

“Me too! I have no idea what LOCATION we are in”, Kendall replied. “If we work together I’m sure we’ll find our way back to the rest of the group.”

“Sounds good, where should we start?” Kendall PONDERED that thought and finally said, “Let’s go left.” As they were walking the awkward silence was getting a bit too long so Kendall decided to get to know him better, “So where are you from?”

“Riverside, he replied.”

“Wow really? So am I! What school do you go to?”, Kendall’s REACTION was shocked.

“Maineast High School”

Kendall went to that same school but, she never saw Chris there or heard about any REPUTATION he had. “Hey I go there too!”, she exclaimed.

Next thing she knew both Chris and her tripped over a CORPULENT vine and she cut open her leg.

“Oh no we have to get back!” The problem was that they both didn’t know where to go and didn’t know what to do with the MAGNITUDE of blood on her leg.

The first thing Chris did was make a CREATION of fabric, ripped from his pants to wrap Kendall’s leg, which would be BENEFICIAL to her injury. Then, he was trying to calm her down while she was crying. “Everything is going to be okay.” He put her arm on his shoulder and they wobbled around to hopefully find their way back.

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Episode 5

After what feels like a DECADE, Chris RECOGNIZED everyone from the plane.

“Where were you Kendall? I was so worried!”, Kendall’s mother exclaimed. Although her mom was a little mad, she was mostly AMOROUS when she saw her daughter. As soon as she got up to hug her she noticed the blood on her leg. Although Kendall was VIABLE, her mother freaked out.

“Someone help! Where is the first aid kit?” One of the flight attendants rushed over with the kit and rested Kendall on the SURFACE of the sand.

After cleaning and bandaging, Kendall’s leg was fine and her mother realized she used a HYPERBOLE when she thought Kendall was seriously injured.

Gesturing towards Chris her mother asked, “Who is this?”

In CHRONOLOGICAL order, Kendall explained the whole story of how they met.

Kendall’s mom asked Chris, “Where is your family?” As soon as she asked that, they could hear the RESONANT sounds of Chris’ family calling for him.

“I’m over here!”, Chris exclaimed. Once they found him, they exchanged a SURPLUS amount of hugs and he introduced Kendall.

Kendall keeps thinking to herself when this DISASTER is going to end.

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