I recycled NO’s to finance my start-up

Auction page: www.paper-rabbit.fr

Company page: www.aptedia.com

Paper Rabbit is a 6.8 feet paper mache statue made with the whole French fortune 500 mail delivery notifications (funding refusals). I recycled NO’s to finance my startup.

Made by 9 French artisans during 2 years, the sculpture is actually placed under auction sale on the www.aptedia.com website at 3 million euros start price.

The Paper Rabbit entrepreneurial symbolism is tenacity, optimism, resilience, dream, passion, ambition; audacity, creativity, risk, faith, craziness, unconsciousness ans magic which are one and every entrepreneur core values. The statue also symbolizes “failure” even if it doesn’t exist as all is about learning) without what we, entrepreneurs, couldn’t learn out of our mistakes and get stronger. I chose the magician rabbit subject as it symbolizes what we grownups spend our time running after without getting to the point it never leaved us: magic.

As I spent my time listenning to many big entrepreneurs interviews and conferences while R&Ding, I got to the point they all agree on what Paper Rabbit represents, especially Jack Ma with this video I watched 4 months after the we started to work on:

Actually, world top 100 web fortunes and art collectors are being invited to the Paper Rabbit auction sale.

The sale will finance 10 web projects I worked on alone the past 4 years with one that as AI intending to empower it with human like feelings and emotions. The www.neuralize.me/artificial-intelligence-ICO is about creating an artificial psyche to create near from biological/natural intelligence. 414 and growing psy professionals accepted to collaborate on the project emotional referential. The way we actually devleop AI is focuse dtoo much on performance while intelligence is about one’s abilities to adapt his/itself to an heterogeneous environment we’re actually creating. We’re not strictly working on AI but AP with P standing for personnality that will make users able to visually create their own AI the psyche side. We’re here talking about a “Crowd Sourced Emotional Processor”.

Group projects are mainly pure players, the whole executive summary is available on simple demand s.landrieu@aptedia.com and more info can be found on www.aptedia.com

Aptedia will place its best efforts an resources in its New Givers www.newgivers.com foundation project that stands to make fortunes give to entrepreneurs contractually engaged in making the world a better place their turn. It’s better to see an army of good makers and future donors but a few of them.

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Photo credit Niolette Humbert 2018
Photo credit Nicolette Humbert
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Photo credit Nicolette Humbert
Photo credit Nicolette Humbert
Photo crédit Nicolette Humbert
Photo credit Nicolette Humbert