Sport Business Chain is a non-profit organisation based in Bucharest, Romania, whose aim is to contribute to the development of the Eastern European sport business landscape. This year, in September, we are organising a sport business conference that will explore ‘Monetisation Streams & Sustainability in Sport Organisations’.


  • 3 days full…

We’re almost three weeks into 2018 (yeah, time flies that fast!), which means a lot of the New Year’s resolutions are still alive and rooted in our daily actions. For us, at Sport Business Chain, beginnings are music to our ears:

#Opportunities. #Positivity. #Optimism. #Excitement. #Dedication. #Work. #Hustle. #Results.

We love and embrace the happiness mindset, so we decided to make 2018 the year for giving back, developing as individuals, growing a baby project and striving to open doors of opportunities for the sport business professionals and enthusiasts out there, across…

Sport Business Chain

Sport Business Networking Event | Non-Profit Organisation | Contributing to the development of the sport industry in Eastern Europe | Business | Community.

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