And how is any of that hollow rhetoric different from Trump stating that he knows how it feels to…

I don’t think we’re having a serious conversation if you’re suggesting that Rubio’s efforts to build bridges with minorities is the same as Trump’s self-serving nonsense.

Look, if all you’re saying is “blacks will only vote for Republicans if they soften drug laws”, that’s a different discussion. My point (and, at risk of speaking for him, I believe Conservative Black Man’s) is really about empathy. Just because someone isn’t pushing a piece of legislation you like doesn’t mean they lack empathy and they’re not trying to build a relationship and change hearts and minds. You have to start somewhere and actually engaging with the audience is where it begins.

And just so I’m clear on the implication about policies being “detrimental to” the interests of black voters, are you suggesting that all black people care about is more lenient drug laws? Because I would think discussions about building better lives through economic growth, better education from school choice and charter schools, and religious freedom could all resonate just fine in black neighborhoods, but I’m certainly not an expert.

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