No actual Republican candidates offered any such policies to actually build any bridges in the…

I think this is a case where simply showing empathy and trying to understand other races is the first step for those of us on the right. We’ve allowed ourselves for too long to simply write off “black voters” and treat them as some sort of lost cause to be ignored. As Conservative Black Man notes, however, they are individuals and they should be treated with respect. I don’t know what exact prescription you want to see from politicians (and I’m doubtful that I would agree with whatever Bernie’s and Hillary’s stances are on the actual policy solution), but you may have missed my point.

Being willing to engage, and really listen, is the main issue here. It’s time for the right wing to ignore the bigots and entertainers on our side and really engage with all races. Talk to the people and try to understand them. When Rubio had that town hall in South Carolina (I believe) and he addressed a question from a black man regarding why members of the man’s congregation should vote for him, Rubio demonstrated this empathy by explaining that it isn’t good enough for Republicans to disregard the concerns of those communities. There are people genuinely afraid of the police and it doesn’t help to tell them to be quiet. You’re right that it isn’t a prescriptive policy answer, but I think his answer demonstrates the biggest gap in the Republican party at this point. We allowed our echo chamber to turn minorities and the poor into caricatures and that makes ignoring them so easy for too many. In this election, for instance, I can’t imagine black voters are energetic to vote for Hillary — if only the Republican party had nominated a candidate who showed any real interest into reaching out to those communities to give them another option….

And lest you think I’m only crediting Rubio for this mindset, I know other Republicans have made in-roads with this approach. I want to say Rand Paul actually made it a point to reach out to minority areas, among others.

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