Some words about a photograph I chose not to take.

Standing on a sinuous meander

A wind shivered surface turns to glass

An unexpected feeling of warmth from the low sun

Clinging golden Oak leaves silhouette against the cadmium glow

With twisted willow arms holding up the sky

A flicker of silver life against the deep slow flow

I heard the words of the river

Adversity blurred away in that still moment

The light not bouncing off a sensor

But bouncing off my soul.

No connections, but a connection.

This one wasn’t for Instagram.

Same river, different day.

Out paddle boarding recently, on what is in warmer months quite a busy river close to…

Lemmy, the late Motörhead frontman, known for living fast and hard, drinking Jack Daniels and happily taking money from advertisers — is starring in a milk ad. Barely a week after he died.

The ad for Finnish milk brand Valio is, quite simply, weird. Lemmy walks out of some kind of bar into a starkly lit deserted outdoor area where there’s a plastic white table and set of chairs sat behind him, with classical music playing over the scene. …

Earlier this year a small bunch of us at Havas helia made a beer out of data. Apart from “huh?” or “why?”, the question I get asked about it all the time is “how the f*ck did you do that?”. So here goes.

First, why?

Advertising’s narrative around data and creativity is pretty much always about programmatic. Sure, programmatic is going to be influential in the future of our industry, and how we have to think as creatives, but I believe the possibilities of bringing together data and creativity can, and should, create so much more.

To prove it I wanted to…

With many of the big platforms rounding on Adobe’s Flash and September 1st being the start of its probable real decline I wanted to raise my hand and say how much I loved Flash, and that without it, I wouldn't have had the career I've had.

I owe that little application, and the community of people around it, a lot.

My relationship with Flash (sounds personal I know, but this is a Eulogy right…) started near the end of last century. As an ex-advertising creative, then working as a social worker, a documentary about…

Steven Bennett-Day

Makes art from 0's and 1's. Suffolk/London/Cornwall.

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