5 elements to a successful EDI implementation!

Planning EDI Implementation

EDI implementations typically yield immediate results. Once implemented, the retailers and their supply chain partner community can begin to take advantage of the financial benefits, improved efficiency, accuracy and reliability, as well as the overall improvement in performance.

However, an EDI initiative mandate alone would not guarantee a well-executed EDI implementation.

To facilitate the collaboration with your suppliers, you should put in place a competent, experienced on-boarding strategy, determined by the following:

1. Well-defined company objectives that improve supply chain collaboration with all your suppliers, big or small.

2. Well documented business rules

3. Well documented vendor guidelines in accordance with EDI standards

4. Project management that delivers visibility and commitment

5. Continuous evaluation of your processes through audits and recommendations in order to improve your EDI initiative and meet your business challenges

An EDI Solutions vendor on-boarding plan creates a unique EDI program customized to your business’ challenges and requirements that will benefit both your organization and your supplier. A turnkey program incorporates essential elements, allowing you to roll out an efficient and capable EDI system that is scalable and powerful.

Your EDI solution should include the following:

A personalized on-boarding approach for your current, distinct supply chain processes

· Dedicated project management or Supply Chain Consulting team

· Vendor-friendly options that lessen launch time as well as complications and resistance

When well executed, your EDI implementation plan will solidify relationships with your suppliers, expedite on-boarding, and make your business EDI compliant that will allow you to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in the exchange of EDI transactions.

Hiring a Supply Chain consultant who has implemented EDI in the retail industry can greatly improve your EDI implementation project.

Have you implemented EDI in your organization already? What were your top challenges and what would you have liked to know before that you didn’t?

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