Well, you non-believers, I’m voting for Trump even if I have to write him in myself!
sharon blake edgar

I’m voting for Trump too. I’ve spent my life voting for every liberal male or female who came down the pike and I deserve something different, fun. You’re totally right about expectations. Everyone I’ve ever known thought Obama was the Second Coming, so voting for him was de rigueur if you wanted to maintain any kind of a social life. Apparently some of the more energetic supporters were sending out death squads to those who ventured to say that maybe Palin wasn’t so bad. I voted for Mr. O despite his casting 129 ‘Presents’ rather than 129 ‘Votes’, but who am I to judge? Maybe there was an issue that was just too tough to take a side so why not just step away and go to lunch early? That’s what I always do.

Living with the Obamas these 7 years has offered us a delightful tour of Mrs. O’s hairstyle choices. I wouldn’t have missed it. My only real complaint is his decision to not enforce those laws he didn’t agree with. I thought that was a little shabby, but maybe he would have been forced to take a stand which might have been uncomfortable. I mean he promised to ‘’…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States whenever the lobbyists allow me to.” What more can we expect?

So here we are less than a year before we cast our ballots and Trump is my man. I don’t care if he doesn’t know where Jeruselum is. Who does? I think that unlike Mr. Carson he can pronounce Hamas correctly, but really, what does ‘correctly’ really mean? Isn’t it a relative term? (And, as you say, his son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew, so that earns him a pass.)