Trump Card
Matt Lubchansky

Well, you non-believers, I’m voting for Trump even if I have to write him in myself! It’s enough for me that he has billions of dollars (apparently fewer than he likes to believe, but who are we to question The Donald?). And that he gets a laugh out of selling a Chinese guy a $15 million dollar apartment. I think it’s funny too! hahahahaha We share a sense of humor, and that counts for a lot. It’s all about expectations. Expect nothing and you’re never disappointed.

Some folks are really disappointed with Obama now because their expectations were too high. I expected almost nothing and so am not disappointed in the least. I really like Mrs. Obama’s hair and the daughters seem nice. I liked the first Mrs. Trump and think the daughter is sleek if a tiny bit pushy, but what does it matter, really? Didn’t she marry an Ultra-orthodox Jewish guy? Is she wearing a wig? See? All those things we don’t know and we don’t need to.

In closing, deep in my heart of hearts I want to know what’s under that skim of hair The Donald has kept secret all these years. My expectation is to see diodes*, flashing. Maybe at his first State of the Union Address?

* A diode is a two-terminal electronic component with asymmetric conductance.