5 Actions That Will Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money

So you’re selling your house? Congratulations! Whether you are using a Realtor or not the following 5 things will give you an advantage over the competition out there every time.

Declutter and Depersonalize

This doesn’t mean taking down a few family photos and packing up 40% of your knick knacks. It means pack up everything except the essentials that you need to live. Ideally, the essentials can be stored out of sight in a cupboard or closet when you are showing the home. Now I know what you are thinking, “we need to live here while we are trying to sell and this seems a bit extreme”. To that I say would you rather live in a half packed state with people wandering around your home every other day for months or sell in a week and be free to do anything you want until close? Bottom line is people can’t envision themselves in your space, they need a blank canvas with some queues of where furniture could go to say yes.


Paint the walls a neutral colour. Think very light grey with white trim in every room. Yes, this sounds bland and boring but it sells because you can put just about anything in a room that is painted this way and that’s what a buyer is doing in their head.

Paint the front door, garage door, deck, window frames and trim as well. The first impression is important and sets the tone for the entire visit. So, if they’re blown away by the exterior there’s a good chance that’ll carry through to the interior.

Clean Clean Clean

When I worked in restaurants there was a saying that nobody notices a clean restaurant but they will absolutely notice a dirty one. This means that 1 dish in the sink, toothpaste in the bathroom sink, dusty window sill, hand print on the window or an unmade bed can have a huge impact on the impression of a buyer. Before every showing you should have a cleaning checklist to make sure that everything is ready to go. There’s a reason pilots use checklists even on their 100th flight.

DO NOT Use Air Fresheners

The best smell a house can have is no smell. Air fresheners are abrasive to many people and with smell being our most acute sense linked to memories it’s best to avoid. I love vanilla but I know a few people who absolutely hate it and get a look of disgust on their face when they smell it. The bottom line is you don’t know the likes and dislikes of potential buyers so it’s best to avoid smells and that includes baking cookies before showings.


Everything above will help to get your home sold quickly once people are there. Price is the best marketing tool that you have because this is the number one factor that buyers are looking at before they decide to come for a look. Keep in mind that your home is worth what the market is willing to pay for it and not what you need to sell it for or what you want to sell it for. This is where research comes into play to figure out what has sold in the area that is similar to your home and what is on the market that you will be competing with and what kind of market are you in. Keep in mind the lower the price and the more value the buyers can see, the more showings your home will receive and the better offers you will receive.

I hope these tips help you in selling your home and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them in the comments below or here on my site.