Here is a list of frequently asked questions from home buyer’s that I have encountered. This is not an exhaustive list so if there is something not covered please let me know in the comments and I’ll get you an answer!

Please keep in mind that every region has small and large differences so if you don’t live in the Ottawa area I suggest that you speak to a local professional. If you would like a recommendation please let me know where you are located and I’ll help you to find someone to trust.

What is the first step to buying a home?

The first step is always the money. You need to know what your budget is before you start to look for a home. This dictates neighbourhood, type of home and features that you can reasonably afford. So find a mortgage broker and get pre approved. This process is usually quick and easy and gives you everything you need to proceed to the next step, looking at homes.

What is a Conditional Period?

This is the time between the offer being accepted by both parties and the deal becoming firm. This timeframe is when the buyer finalizes financing with the lender, performs an inspection and generally does their due diligence.

Do I need to get an inspection?

My recommendation is to always get an inspection. I’ve seen inspections find an issue that could cost thousands to fix in a years time when the responsibility would fall directly on the buyer. Ask friends, family and your Realtor for recommendations then check the references that the inspector provides. Also, keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for so while price is important around $400-$500 is a pretty standard fee.

When should I talk to a Lawyer?

It is good to start speaking to lawyers once the search becomes serious. This takes one thing off of your plate once you have an accepted offer and you can just have your Realtor send the appropriate paperwork to them once it’s signed.

That’s the list for now. If you have any questions that you’d like answered about the buying or selling process ask it in the comments below or you can email them to Make sure to ask lots of questions at the beginning of the process and find someone that you trust to represent your interests.

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