Why Instagram Stories is Great for Canadian Real Estate Professionals

Instagram has just released an update and added Instagram Stories which looks very similar to Snapchat Stories. I want to talk about why this is so exciting from a Real Estate standpoint. I have been putting out content on Snapchat for some time now. Sometimes showing a house that I’m holding open, talking about a specific subject that I think may help someone who is buying or selling their home or just rambling on about whatever is on my mind. While doing all of this I couldn’t help feeling that I wasn’t reaching the right people with this content because Snapchat hasn’t “aged up” on a large scale yet.

So, why is this new Instagram feature so exciting for Real Estate? The demographics on Instagram and it’s parent company Facebook are more in line with homeowners in Canada… for now. This means that if you, a) have some good content and b) have a few followers then you have an opportunity to use this feature to market your properties more effectively and speak to potential clients just a little easier. This feature allows people who are resistant to try Snapchat the ability to view stories on “their” platform and that’s very good for you.

So if you’ve been playing with Snapchat for awhile you already know what to do so go do it! If you’ve never tried Snapchat start playing around with Instagram Stories. What’s the worst that can happen? It disappears in 24 hours and my guess is that you’ll thank me.

Find me on Inastgram @_stevebenson and Snapchat @stevebensonott I’ll continue to post on both.

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