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The lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer community has been around since humans have. Throughout the time that this group of people has been around, many events have revolved around them in both negative and positive ways. Most of the concerns regarding this group of people are concerns that stem from religion or spirituality. While many religions and spiritual groups looked fondly upon queer activity, there were many others who condemned any type of activity that was not cis-gender and heterosexual. The United States of America has been through a lot of turmoil with its citizens battling back and forth between whether or not these people should be accepted and treated the same under the law as cis-gender heterosexual people are treated. So should laws be made in order to protect people within the LGBTQ community? Yes. It is unacceptable for any person to be discriminated against for their gender identity or sexual orientation, and there should be laws to make sure that people who may not conform are accommodated for.

In twenty-two states in the United States there are anti-discrimination laws protecting people who may not be heterosexual, and in nineteen of those there are anti-discrimination laws that protect those who may not align with the gender identity they were born with. Anti-discrimination laws are laws that are put into place in order to protect people from unjust employers and many other things. Anti-discrimination laws are supposed to prohibit employers from firing people who may be of different race or gender and are performing their job just fine. Less than half of the United States of America has anti-discriminations laws that protect members of the LGBTQ community. This means that in most states in the USA someone who could be performing their job without flaw is eligible to be fired based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. This type of discrimination in the work place is completely unjust and simply illogical. It also does not make sense that it is illegal to discriminate against someone for certain reasons that don’t affect their performances in the workplace, but is completely legal to discriminate against someone for certain reasons that don’t affect their performances in the workplace. A mix of closed mindedness and bigotry has allowed this to happen in many areas. Anti-discrimination laws protecting people within the LGBTQ community are necessary and need to be enacted as soon as humanly possible. The lack of anti-discrimination laws isn’t the only thing making it more difficult for queer people to survive in today’s society.

However, making sure that laws are put into place is a lot less easy than just saying that it needs to be done. Of course this is a result of American democracy and people being entitled to their opinions. Greg Koukl (2013) is someone who believes that no laws should be put into place in order to protect people of the LGBTQ community because that would then make non-members of the LGBTQ community and members unequal in the eyes of the law (Koukl, 2013). He goes on to make claims that giving them laws in order to provide them with services like marriage is unnecessary and their quest for equality is pointless as they are already equal and have the same rights as everyone else. This is wrong simply because when you prohibit someone from marrying whom they love, you also prohibit them from receiving the benefits that married couples receive. So if someone simply has to live with a partner and is not able to marry them, they are denied benefits that people who are allowed to marry receive for being in the same situation. In a different area, many people believe that members of the LGBTQ community should not have laws made that cater simply because their religion says it’s wrong for people to have homosexual interactions or non-gender conforming identities. The rhetoric of using your religion or so-called god’s words in order to condemn something is completely unacceptable. It’s even more unacceptable when it is used as justification for denying someone rights in a court of law. People with these types of views are getting their ways and injustices are being committed against queer people nationwide as a result of that.

A mix of fear, judgement, and insecurities have led to serious issues regarding transgender people and their ability to use the facilities. Across the United States of America there are many transgender people who do not have the option to use the bathroom in public due to the hostility of people who may be using the same space as them to relieve themselves, as Ford (2015) had described (Ford, 2015). This fear does not stem from an account or two of someone calling them a bad name. This fear stems from the fact that transgender people are raped and murdered very often as a result of using the same restroom as a cold-hearted, unaccepting bigot (Yakas, 2016). Target has recently made all of their bathrooms and changing rooms gender neutral in an attempt to start and break down the barrier for these people, yet there are millions of others who are boycotting Target since it has made this decision. Non-transgender people try to justify their qualms by saying that they fear they might get raped or sexually assaulted though there are close to zero accounts of the rapist or assailant being a transgender person. Going to the bathroom is a human necessity and the ability to do that should be taken from no one. Regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, everyone should be able to use the restroom and be able to relieve themselves. Laws that add restrooms to building code in order to accommodate the needs of transgender people are very necessary and need to be enacted as soon as they can be written, stamped, signed, and sealed. Despite all these things, people still try and counteract the legislation that has been passed in favor of people within the LGBTQ community.

In Georgia, a bill was passed that was supposed to protect the religious rights of pastors throughout the state (Sheinin, 2016). This bill used logos in saying that this is a protection of religious freedoms for pastors to not have to perform same-sex marriages unless they believed in them (Sheinin, 2016). This is not prohibiting same-sex marriage in Georgia as marriage does not have to be ordained by a pastor, but is an attempt to lower the number of people who get married to someone of the same gender. This is a quite low maneuver by the state government as they attempt to hold homosexual people in the less powerful state that they were in. It is sad to see people stop so low in order to gain nothing and only take away from the lives of others.

The injustices stated are only a few of the many that are committed against the LGBTQ community every single day. Without effort, nothing will change and these people will continue to be oppressed at the hands of the majorities. Laws need to be put into place in order to fight these injustices and help the LGBTQ community gain their footing in the world. And since laws won’t just be put into place on their own, it is our duty to bring these issues to the attention of the masses and vote for representatives that will fight for the rights of LGBTQ people.

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