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As many issues arise surrounding the LGBTQ community and they’re rights, I would like to ask, should we take action to make sure that people who don’t conform gender-wise or have a sexual orientation other than heterosexual receive equal treatment under the law? To get a better look on the current state of the LGBTQ you should the LGBTQ community in today’s society. Queer people are constantly the victims of many injustices and hate crimes. Since four percent of people in the United States of America identify as queer, you probably know a queer person that plays a big role in your life, if that queer person isn’t you.

As a matter of fact, many people have responded to the question stated earlier. An article written by Greg Koukl, expresses how he believes that discrimination against homosexuals is not the same as discrimination against people of certain races or ethnicities as he believes that homosexuality is something he believes to be immoral and something he believes that people are not born with. He goes on to portray a situation where a woman was convicted of a hate crime for having given a clearly anti-homosexual, Christian passage to a homosexual person. As this was written prior to the Supreme Court ruling making same sex marriage legal, he claims that homosexuals have the same rights as he does in marriage as they both can marry people of the opposite gender as long as they don’t fall under a certain category of family. He claims that because his marriage freedom is limited and because he cant necessarily marry anyone he wants, which he uses as an example of what homosexuals argue, that they have equal rights. After having given his reasoning and said all this, Greg concludes by simply stating that homosexuals deserve rights as Americans, but do not deserve right made especially for them.

A person who is on the opposite side of the spectrum, Amanda Dennis, doesn’t necessarily believe that gay people deserve special rights, but are deserving of the right to marry whom they love. Since this article was written in 2011 and also before the Supreme Court ruling regarding gay marriage, Amanda goes on to talk about how since gay people aren’t given the right to marry, they are robbed of all benefits under the government that marriage entails. Using this logic, she goes on to say that gay people aren’t equal under the law if the opportunity granted in marriage does not pertain to those who don’t conform sexually. With more talk about how gay people aren’t hurting anyone and just want to live their lives free of harm and with equal opportunity as straight people, she concludes by saying that America needs to get passed its prejudices and give gays the rights they deserve.

These people both gave honest and in depth descriptions of their views and why they think so, though some of the logic in each article may be flawed. It is important to consider both perspectives while addressing an issue properly. The different interpretations of an argument portrayed by the articles shared show just a couple of ideas surrounding the question of whether or not queer people should receive equal treatment under the law.

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