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Sport is a universal human language that connects people in profound ways. Love of the game and admiration for athletic achievement transcend conventional divisions to create community and bonds that endure for generations. From the ancient contests of speed and strength to the modern sports dynasties of today, the spirit of competition and teamwork commands our attention and compels us to invest in the stories of the contenders. It is primal, tribal, social, intensely emotional, and uniquely human.

Sports fans are legendarily passionate and their enthusiasm runs both broad and deep. In 2018, live sports accounted for nearly 90% of…

Despite the current uncertainty in the world, now is a very special time in the history of the games industry. Once dismissed as a nerdy subculture, games have not only gone mainstream but are now a driving force in the overall entertainment landscape. In parallel, technology is redefining not only how we work and play but how we find meaning and community in the world around us. The resulting commercial and cultural gravity that games have come to exert is truly staggering.

Strikers scoring in the last World Cup celebrated their goals with Fortnite dances. Years after all the headlines…

Shanti Bergel

Managing Director, Transcend Fund

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