How Dance Benefits Children

In this post, I want to explore my deeper thoughts of how dance benefits children in a way I never considered until I read a source that challenged my thinking. This blog I came across called “Benefit Of Dance: Important Benefits of Dance Education for Preschoolers” stated how Dance education for children can improve their emotional, physical, and social skills. It never occurred to me how dancing could affect their social skills in a positive way when learning to move their bodies to the sound of music. A feeling of accomplishment is gained through the children’s minds when learning new steps and moving forward with a class, it also encourages “self expression, creativity, and imagination.” One of the benefits about dance education is that what it brings to young children is music and art. Movement in dance is what is known as story telling. Each Dance has its own story to it and as a dancer you must find that within you and ask yourself, What’s the purpose of this dance? What are you trying to show the audience? It’s about figuring out the purpose of what you want that dance piece to be about and show that emotion when performing. As I’m thinking about Dance being story telling, I cant help but think about my dance teacher David Bonetto who was my instructor my entire dance career. He always referred to that statement of dance being a story, and how we needed to find that emotion that we can connect to when performing our dances. I never looked at it as something that could be beneficial, but connecting your emotions to a piece of art (dance) can really give that story telling/purpose to the audience, which young dancers are taught at a young age including myself growing up with a motivational dance teacher.

Skills of self-expression through the art of dance is created when young kids are given new dance steps to learn, the excitement of incorporating music and creative movement together. As time passes children are able to develop rhythm and “how it relates to the visual art of dance”. A quote that caught my interest as reading this blog post, was “Regardless of skill or experience, dance gives children a freedom to move in a way that reflects their uniqueness. As a group, dancers can create a piece for an audience thus deepening their appreciation for dance as a performing art.” This quote stood out to me because dancing creates something for children that shows their uniqueness to the audience, and you don’t necessarily need to have experience from before because it gives children to be able to move freely that reflects off of their dancing.

This source changed my thinking on how children dancing can actually have an effect on them. I never thought of it as something that can gain emotional or social skills, I thought children who danced only experiences that later on when they’re more mature, it never came to my attention on how that knowledge happens to them when dancing as a child.

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