AT&T Gigabit Fiber Modem Bypass Using UniFi USG — Updated
Taylor Smith

Thank you so much for the detailed instructions this coupled with the youtube video from idea home automation was the key for me. It took me 2 weekends but I was able to make it all work. Just some context for those looking to try it out. I have ATT Fiber 1000 and was given the Arris BGW210–700 along with 2 Arris Airties 4920s. Had a difficult time staying connected. After following these instructions with my gear listed below I now have unplugged all the Arris equipment.

Speeds are 940 up and down wired. Wireless speeds are slower due to my current gear and config but way snappier on just about everything.

ONT ->

Unifi Security Gateway 3P Firmware ->

Unifi Switch 8 POE-60W Firmware>

Unifi AP-AC-Pro Firmware

Initially, even wired I was getting really slow speed nothing over 200. After a second try following the instructions and a clean reboot I got the results. I reset all of my gear to factory settings prior to the second try. Also, I do not have Uverse TV but youtube tv is working great!

Again, thank you so much for putting this together it really helps my work at home gig!