KFC Conversation- “You Need them more”!!

KFC Offers! Yes, I am sure all of you would have heard about this KFC Wednesday Offers, 12 Pcs of Boneless Strips only at Rs 350/-, Exactly; same tempted me & I was there for lunch in Commercial Streets on Wednesday noon escaping from my office to treat my hunger in the best way possible. Couldn’t resist my “bhuk” hence, was hogging nicely along with two of my colleagues. We were enjoying those juicy chicken chunks while there was this elderly lady looking for the place. Looking at 3 of us & a chair empty she asked, if she can join us. Our immediate reply was-Sure, why not! She settled down with 4 boneless chicken strips which I just noticed in fluke.
Two of my married colleagues were just discussing whether it is okay to feed kids under 3 Non Veg or no, especially at places like KFC ? Tough Question!! And me being single was actually not bothered to put my brains and get involved in the conversation. They were discussing just when, this Sexagenarian interrupted them & said- I feel if you cook good food at home they will never ask for outside food. We all looked at her & she smiled continuing the conversation; See, I am really sorry to interrupt but I am just talking out of experience. She said, while I was looking for the place I saw you three sitting & sharing the best laugh across the place reminded me of my days hence, thought of sitting next to you. She continued- You know I have two sons- one is in Germany & other is in US , me & my husband love them a lot. It’s just few days back younger one went to Germany for his job and elder one is in US since long for work itself. When I enter my kitchen now, I don’t know what to cook at times… because, it just remind me all about my kids. While they were small I used to prepare whatever they asked for and now when I want to I just cant feed them because of the long distance between us. Not that they are not bothered or love us but, its just when children grow up, priority changes.
I could feel her while she said, my younger one while he was going… was really excited and was saying- Yuppie, No more Restrictions!! Not that we never gave him freedom …still. He was happy that he would not be forced to eat ghar ka food anymore,no bak bak,no caring which was possessiveness for him, etc. She told- while they both left us, all felt so empty. Today, its me & my husband just stand in our balcony, stare at other kids playing & console ourselves and try to feel happy looking at them. Empty & lonely couple we are(chuckles)!! Today, when I was on the streets of commercials my heart was crying out & I Missed them..No one was there next to me to shop around,No one to say “Mom, give me the bags I’ll hold for you”. If they both would have been here, I would have gone to my favorite chat shop and enjoyed the delicacy but alone, I just couldn’t ! At times I feel it was good when they were kids, why have they grown up is what I keep asking myself..but guess, that’s the life isn’t it.
While she was talking I actually forgot the Chicken Strips kept in front of me & all I was wondering was, how lonely she was & helpless too. I remembered my parents & for that minute all I wanted was to be with them..but guess, sometimes its not just the priority changes but life make us do that. I didn’t knew what to say her, so all I did was smiled & offered my fries to her..and tried to give her a ear though I was running late for office. Guess, that’s all I could have done, I just wanted her to feel lighten and hope I succeeded.
After 30 minutes of continuous conversation, she stood up and bid us goodbye. Last advice by her to my married colleagues were- Enjoy your kids childhood, it will never come back and then she looked at me, smiled and said- I know you are not married, hence enjoy till the time you are not hitched..these are the best days of your life, live to the fullest, she laughed & walked out..
Such a strange conversation it was… made me love my parents even more now. All I want to say is, while you are living distance away from your parents just dont forget them anytime, call them whenever you can,talk to them, share things with them, don’t think they are restricting you for things because all they do is for your good, don’t think its only they need you instead, understand “You need them more”.