The Inadequacies of the Invincible
1517 Fund

I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of this. Well-written, thought provoking. I have always thought it was a terrible shame that Stockdale is at least partially remembered for the Perot campaign. I love SNL and its biting satire, but there can be unfortunate costs. It’s nice to remember that it probably didn’t bother Stockdale, he’d experienced far worse, and a television skit was not going to drive his interactions with the world (my assumptions here, have not researched his reactions to the campaign). I’ve also had a long-time interest in Aurelius, the Meditations, and stoicism. I’m not a stoic, but a lot of it resonates. The article lost me a bit when it turned to stoicism today. I may have to read it again, but it seemed like an un-stoic low hanging fruit dig at millenials. I don’t want to leave on a negative- it was a good read, and there’s a good chance I’ll read it again.

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