New Technology can be Exciting

Our Restaurant Experience is Changing

I’m still waiting for a charge on my iPhone to last longer than an NFL Football game, and wouldn’t it be nice if seven days passed without juicing your laptop? Sigh….

After the usual 8-9 hours in front of 3 screens, I was in the mood for a beverage and snack at my local Chili’s, before returning to those screens for another 4-5 hours.

As I took my seat at the bar, a ray of technology hit me in the face. My heart started to race. This was new. I mean in the last 3 days new. What was this thing?

New Ziosk at Chili’s

That is a Ziosk. Ziosk is a Dallas based company that makes these interactive table tablets (if you will) that assist your server, while enhancing the customer experience.

After some quick research, the story hit in September 2013. From Forbes article:

“ Get ready to order dessert at Chili’s on a tablet–just look out for your sticky fingers. Brinker, which owns and operates the Chili’s and Maggiano’s brands, will be installing tablets on each table in its 823 operated Chili’s restaurants by March 2014, though the company says its servers will play a critical role in its new wireless experience. “

So for now you can reorder drinks and desserts. Get those drinks in the system quicker when you can’t find your server or your bartender’s attention is elsewhere. You can also see and pay your tab.

No need for your smartphone, you can now avoid talking to friends and family using the Ziosk. This gem provides games and news from USA Today. Oh, the fun.

I was by my lonesome, and totally pumped to see this handy device. Two others at the bar, in their 60-70's, could not keep their hands off it as well.

The Chili’s experience just clicked up a notch. What are you waiting for Friday’s?

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