How Creating Video Can Help Your Business to Win

Recently I was working on video creation for one of my projects and asked myself why I am doing this? Why it is important for business? How it benefits to a company? After lot of brainstorming with my colleagues and extensive research I found that:

Increase the Visitors: Yes, it does increase the visitors to your site. Lot of companies started creating videos for their sites to increase visitors. Let’s take an example of big E-com giants. They promote through visual display media, i.e. video.

Engage Users: Engaging and retaining customers is the vital part of any business. According to the research, 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual. Also, 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.

Memorable and Interesting: As mentioned in the above point, people respond to the visual media than plain text. Videos are interesting and people remember it for the longer period of time. For an example, if someone tells you the story of a movie without any video you might not take interest or remember it. But, when you watch movies with a video you remember it for a longer time.

Increase Your Reach: Everyone wants to share a video which they interesting. Social media plays an important role in it. People now days are internet savvy and addicted to them. Alone Facebook alone has millions of users followed by Twitter, Google Plus and many more.

Stand Out From Your Competition: Videos let you win over your competitors. Where your competitors are concentrating on same boring content marketing strategy, you can create and interesting video to engage and increase your reach.

Tools to Create Videos:

There are various tools you can find on the internet. The tools I use to create videos are:

  1. Animaker: Animaker is a powerful tool that provides you ample of free templates to use. Not just for videos, it is useful to create video-graphics that is an extended version “Infographics” and “Gifographics”.
  2. PowToon: Another tool to create interactive and informational videos. It has too various free and premium templates.
  3. GoAnimate: This one is yet another tool that allows you to create full featured video with customized characters and templates.

Comment below if you have used any other useful video maker tool for your business or for personal use.