The Simplest Way to Get a Result

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Getting results is important in our careers, business or personal life.

We all have goals that we want to achieve.

Maybe it’s to get promoted in our jobs or make more money.

Maybe it’s to start a business that allows us to live the life we want.

Maybe we want to meet the perfect person, start a family and live happily ever after.

Yet, many of us struggle to get results.

Another year might go by and we feel like nothing has changed from the previous year…

I realized at some point that there is a very simple way to get a result. And most highly successful people realize this to. And it is to:

“Make sure you take an action”

If you don’t take a new and different action in your life, then most likely, you’ll keep getting the same results.

So if taking action is all we need to do, then why do we continue to fail?

1. We’re Short Term Focused

Often, making significant change in our lives often requires short term sacrifice.

For example, starting a business may require long work hours or a sizable financial commitment up front.

But over the long term, it can create a life where you can work less and make more money.

Unfortunately, most of us are more focused on the short term. In other words, most people would rather pursue short term pleasure than make sacrifices for long term success.

We might choose to watch a movie, surf the web or play around online.

While there’s nothing wrong with doing fun things and taking a break every now and then, most people spend too much time on “distractions” and too little time on building long term success.

2. We Fear Uncertainty

Fear and uncertainty also keep us from taking new actions. It’s easy to keep doing what you are comfortable with because you know that you’ll at least continue to get the same result.

Making change is scary sometimes and the uncertainty can prevent people from taking action.

However, to make change and move towards a result, we need to put those fears behind us and push forward.

In most cases, you can always go back to the way things were before. But once you commit to change, you’ll often think of a different approach until you find something that works and produces the desired result.

3. We’re Content

Sometimes we want change in our lives, but we don’t need it or want it bad enough.

In fact, the more progress we make in our lives, the harder it is to go farther. That’s because we become content with what we have.

Most people just want to be comfortable, which is fine. But contentment is the enemy of progress.

If we really want to move forward and go farther in life, we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

So are you getting the results you want in life?

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