Use the Windows Subsystem for Linux and VS Code to debug bash ❤️

  • I wrote this on an airplane back from HQ! I got a lot of practice presenting, had fun with our team mates from Austin TX, and saw how we were under utilizing docker and a few other devops tools.

I’ll bash (in this case the windows subsystem for linux), visual studio code, docker these are a few of my favorite things!

is it overkill when your running wsl in a terminal emulator (cmder)

I’ve toyed with docker but hadn’t seriously used it for work. With access to…

Published by Steven Black July 3rd, 2018

bash ❤’s you

nohup allows me to run jobs on my servers and have them keep running even when I log off.

I’ll give you a few examples, but that’s no substitute for the docs! or just run man nohup

# for example, run my even if I lose connectionnohup
# but let's say I want to have my terminal back after running itnohup &
# but my favorite is getting all the output and getting the pid!nohup > script.out 2>&1 echo $! >

Originally published at on July 3, 2018.

If you’re a control freak who has a compulsion to understand every piece of how the world works you’ve probably tried to “do it yourself”… and so this piece is part installation guide, part diary entry, and part a warning:

Abandon all hope ye who enter here *

*unless you hope to learn a whole bunch

Step 1: Download

At download the installers for both Python 3 and Python 2. If you are only going to pick one Python 3 is the way of the future. Unless you know what you’re doing go with the default configurations.

a lot of people think that “python” is a reference to a snake

This step is all most…

My first developer talk in the books!

You can see the recording yourself at this link, or get the presentation and all the materials here

This site (hosted from out unofficial cloud-hub GitHub repository) has all the materials I presented in my talk. The GitHub repo that has the code for the site also has everything you need to run the modified GraphsiQL app on a real Oracle Database yourself!

Building it

Not a trivial task.

I was hoping to have the demo done three weeks before hand (before Q4 really picked up) but a last-minute trip to San Fransisco to record at Oracle Studios and two HUGE…

Join me on Oracle’s Learning Library for a few moocs -

Databases for Developers

I loved this course! Chris Saxon has so much energy and enthusiasm for databases, it’s infectious. This is a very basic introduction to RDBS and is appropriate for anyone :) Chris also has a fantastic youtube channel — see the intro to the course here

Introduction to PL/SQL

See my GitHub repo for the course

This covers introductory PL/SQL — which might be different from the SQL you’re used to!

Develop RESTful Java Microservices deployable on Oracle Cloud

See my GitHub repo for the course

JDK 8: Lambdas and Streams Introduction

I end up reading a lot of Java code. Most of the…

A new, hosted from one repository with two branches

Learn more about hugo as

Create a Hugo site

Install Hugo (see chocolatey)

choco install hugo -confirmgit submodule add themes/minimal git submodule init git submodule update

Set up GitHub Pages

Checkout dev branch

git checkout -b dev

Change master branch to .../

From the root of my project (.../

git clone -b master public

Originally published at

Misadventures in automation

TL;DR — if you’re using chrome visit chrome://net-internals/

By day, I work behind an http proxy. By night, I tinker without restraint- feeling the open internet breeze through my hair.

I’m the handsome computer to your left

While I’ve adapted by writing a script to set/unset proxy settings it would be nice if there was a program that would just run in the background, looking for network changes, and alter setting accordingly. I also want to learn java, and the best way to learn is to do, so hence my new pet project…

I wanted this program to be cross-platform compatible but that was…

Would you trade privacy for convenience?

The other day I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane, but couldn’t seem to coordinate the right songs, photos, and diary entries… We accumulate so many memories (see cute baby below) distributed across a collection of devices. There’s no single interface to reach them, you can’t search them, a lot of times it even means physically activating hardware! This is 2017!!! I should be able to do this without getting out of bed!

He’s already got my caffeine addiction and he’s never even had coffee….

Yes, there are some pretty great solutions. Google’s G Suite in combination with Google Photos comes pretty close to…

A few common errors in the the Oracle Cloud UI

I was creating a new BDC (Big Data Cloud) instance when everything was not going smoothly, as usual... the storage container now had to be in global format! This means I need the URL for Oracle Cloud’s Storage REST API.

We need two things; the Cloud Storage Container Name and then the REST Endpoint.

Cloud Storage Container Name

This you should remember, you named it! Mine is “on-fire.

REST Endpoint

Add Storage or “Storage Classic” to your dashboard

Click “Customize Dashboard” (the right most box, just hidden behind the “Customize Dashboard” window)

Scroll down to “Storage” or “Storage Classic” and click “Show”


This is a follow up to my previous post, Creating a Big Data Cloud Instance. If you just want to have a better time SSHing (yes, I verbified it)on windows just substitute our Big Data Cloud instance for your server. If you get confused just leave me a comment so I can help!

Step 1. Get the best SSH Client

Historically Windows users have (for an unknown reason) used PuTTY for SSH even when they can get proper ssh through cygwin or the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

As much as I ❤ the terminal I spend all day in and out of different servers so it helps…

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